Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for moving the co-op through its early stages until a more formal structure is established.

Committee Members

Click here to view committee members, or to sign-up for this committee

Contact Information

Reference Materials


  • Identify and engage community leaders
  • Explore partnerships with other businesses and organizations in the community
  • Identify and maintain connection with area food co-op as our mentor
  • Create a structure for ongoing coordination, communication, and decision making across committees
  • Assign responsibility for documenting decisions and maintaining records
  • Secure assistance with promotions, branding, graphics and web design
  • Manage the development plan—timeline and budget (with input from other Working Committees); address expertise needs
  • Make arrangements for Development Project Manager (Organizing Committee?)
  • Secure the services of paid consultants for the co-op working committees
  • Recruit candidates to run for our co-op’s founding Board
  • Arrange for Board development and training
  • Establish Board of Directors and adopt by-laws

Meeting Minutes


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