Prairie Partners

We are creating a “Prairie Partner Program” to promote local businesses. All participating businesses will have their company name (linking to their website), along with a brief description of the business, listed on our website and eventually, in a Business Directory available in-print to PFC Owners. We are basing this program on a similar program successfully implemented by Wild Root Market co-op – check it out here. There are 3 ways for businesses and PFC Owners to be involved in this program:

  1. Community Partners

    Community Partners are local businesses that choose to reward ownership of Prairie Food Co-op by extending specials to our Owners. Specials might include an overall % discount, buy-one-get-one offers, or anything else that works for your establishment. This is a fabulous opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves to PFC Owners as well as support the co-op!

  2. Business Partners

    Business Partners are local business owners who are also Prairie Food Co-op Owners. Let’s support one another!

  3. Corporate Partners

    Corporate Partners are local businesses who exhibit the true meaning of “cooperation” by promoting Prairie Food Co-op in important and unique ways, within their own organizations, to their customers, and to the community at large.

Prairie Food Co-op envisions a community that embraces cooperation, supports one another, and supports local businesses.  If you are a PFC Owner or a local business owner and would like to participate in this program, please fill out our

Prairie Partnership form here.

We are so grateful to the many local organizations and businesses that have helped us in myriad ways already!


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