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 Become a Prairie Food Co-op Owner

Co-ops exist to serve their owners. Without owners, a co-op can’t exist! By becoming an owner of Prairie Food Co-op, you are helping to create a grocery store in Lombard dedicated to providing year round access to healthy, sustainable, locally produced food.  You are helping to create a vibrant community-focused business that strengthens the local economy through the creation of high quality jobs, supports local farms and businesses, and keeps more money in our community.   Early investors are crucial, so join TODAY to help make the Prairie Food Co-op a reality! Ownership is easy – just fill out the short Ownership Agreement below and submit your one-time payment of $200. Your investment will be used not only to capitalize the future store, but is critical in displaying wide community support for this effort. The benefits are many – check them out here.

Download PFC’s Interim Rules for more information about ownership and how the co-op works.

Complete the secure ownership agreement form online or download, print, and mail it to us at:

Prairie Food Co-op
PO Box 83
Lombard, IL 60148

Thank you for your commitment to Prairie Food Co-op!


22 responses to “Become An Owner

  1. Where is the co-op likely to be?

  2. Where will the co-op building be?

    • Great question! We will evaluate a few sites in Lombard and Villa Park. We will need 300 owners to finance a feasibility study to evaluate our selected Villa Park / Lombard sites to tell us which of these has the most potential for success. Thanks!

  3. Villa Park is far for us. Can we join later if the coop is in Lombard?

  4. Kathy Carwell

    If the feasibility study shows it is not viable what happens to the 300 shares? Is the study going to cost 60,000?

    • Great questions Kathy. The feasibility study should cost about 20,000-25,000. Although we only need 125 owners to finance the study, waiting until there are 300 owners shows very strong community support and ensures the co-op will be viable. The feasibility study will tell us how big the store should be and the optimal location. Owners will have a voice in how shares are handled in the event the feasibility study comes back with less than optimal results (which is highly unlikely – I don’t think that has ever happened).

  5. I’m reminding everyone that Christmas is coming soon. Perhaps a great Christmas present may be a share of ownership of the cooperative to a loved one, if you know that this is something that they would be interested in.

  6. Remember that Christmas is coming soon. A great Christmas present may be a share of ownership to the cooperative for an interested loved one.

  7. Co-ops rock! Glad to be part of the mix and start-up.

  8. scott johnson

    I’m a little bit confused on the price and how much is it what do you get and how long does it last 4

    • Hi Scott – I appreciate the feedback. The Ownership page has been updated with the cost of ownership, which is a one-time investment of $200. This is not an annual fee, but a one-time Ownership investment in the co-op which is critical for us to open the store. The benefits are detailed in the Owner Benefits page at Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Thanks for your interest in Prairie Food Co-op!

  9. Susan Bridget

    What would I be looking at as far as the expense of the items the store carries?

    • Hi Bridget – great question. The Prairie Food Co-op’s mission is to provide access to ethically & sustainably produced food, from local sources whenever possible. Our prices will reflect the true cost of producing this type of food (which also includes paying our farmers a fair price for their food). Because the store will be operated, first and foremost, for the benefit of the community and NOT primarily to make an investor a profit, we can strive to keep prices as low as possible while also supporting our mission. However, our prices cannot be Walmart cheap – they will be closer to Whole Foods. It is also a goal to make food accessible to those in economic need and we plan to have an amazing food accessibility program unlike anything else in the community. Most food co-ops have excellent accessibility programs, so we have many examples to follow. Many of our Owners really like Common Ground Food Co-op’s “Food for All” program – check it out at here. Maybe a longer answer than you wanted 😉

  10. Pat Infusino

    How about the ‘old’ Mr. Z’s store in Lombard?

    • Hi Pat – There are many reasons why the old Mr. Zs location would be ideal. Great location, easy access from Main St., convenient parking, and the fact that it was already a grocery store before so there could be minimal retrofitting. However, there are many potential reasons why it may not be a good choice for Prairie Food. The square footage is over 20,000 while an average start-up co-op grocery store is between 7000-10,000 sq ft. Also, while the property is tied up there is no way to know what shape the building is in and how much it would cost to retrofit. we need to do our homework to insure that we use our owner capital wisely, which is why we will be conducting market feasibility study once we get 250 owners. This study will help us determine what store size we need and the best location(s). We would be thrilled if the study indicated Mr. Zs as a viable, realistic option. But we won’t know until we get that study done. We encourage you to help us get there by becoming an owner today. Thanks Pat!

  11. Jeff Kinney

    The coop looks like a great benefit for lombard or any community! I dont have a credit card but i do want to be a member! Is the 200.00 a one time fee or is there aditional cost? Let me know im in!:)

    • Hi Jeff:

      Thanks so much for your interest in Prairie Food Co-op! You can pay by check, credit card, or Pay Pal. Just submit an online owner form and choose the payment option that works for you. You can then mail in your payment (if by check). The $200 is a one-time investment (stock purchase to be completely accurate) which makes you an Owner with Ownership rights. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


      • Jeff Kinney

        Is there a way i can pay cash are you in lombard? I wil start recruiting gor the cause once im an owner not that thats important bi i do back you all the way!!

  12. Yes, you can pay cash. I’ll send you an address via email. Thanks Jeff!

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