Ownership & Outreach

The Outreach & Ownership committee is responsible for promoting the co-op and educating the community. They will also take the lead on recruiting owners for our co-op when the time comes.  They will also help with fundraising events.

Committee Members

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Contact Information


Reference Materials


  • Identify and plan events to survey and recruit potential co-op members
  • Conduct fund-raising events (e.g., t-shirt sales, classes, garden tours)
  • Collect, maintain, and grow contact lists
  • Collect and organize community survey information to help define desired goods, services, and benefits
  • Educate the community and promote the co-op through press releases, events, social media, blogs, etc.
  • Work with graphics/web designer to create marketing materials
  • Assist Finance Committee in determining ownership benefits, requirements, and investment/payment options
  • Work with Finance Committee to solicit owner loans

Meeting Minutes