Owner Benefits

The primary benefit to Prairie Food Co-op owners will be participation in a cooperatively owned grocery store that provides year-round access to local and sustainably produced food and that enhances the local economy by keeping more money in the community.

Other benefits to owners include:

  • Pride in opening Prairie Food Co-op as a vibrant and sustainable community resource for years to come. (Just think how it will feel when you walk into the store knowing that YOU made it happen.)
  • A voice in decisions on PFC’s products and services.
  • Eligibility to vote for and serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Ability to promote your local business through the Prairie Food Business Partnership program. (Details here)
  • Owner Benefits at other cooperative grocery stores such as the Dill Pickle in Logan Square and Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana.
  • Special Owner discounts when the store opens (to be determined by the Owners themselves).  Common owner benefits include:
    • Owner-only sales and specials
    • Discounts on classes and workshops
    • Discounts on bulk purchases
    • Patronage dividends/rebates
  • Use of PFC’s shared equipment.  PFC will be purchasing equipment  for our various events that PFC owners can borrow (subject to availability) free of charge.  For more information, or for suggestions on equipment that you’d love to use, send an email to info@prairiefood.coop
  • A voice in programs the co-op will offer to improve accessibility of healthy foods throughout our community. Many current owners like Common Ground Food Co-op’s Food for All program, which includes:
    • Food for All Staples program, which includes 40 to 60 basic food and household items that are permanently discounted for all customers. The items discounted are healthy, organic staple items such as whole wheat flour, milk, and bulk dried beans.
    • Food for all Recipes, which can each feed four people for under $2 a serving, using natural and organic ingredients available at the store.
    • Healthy Eating on a Budget, which are free monthly classes that teach how to eat healthfully while keeping budgetary constraints in mind.
    • Discount Program, which is available to owners who qualify for Link cards or are facing other financial difficulties, such as illness or unemployment.
    • Equity Grant, which gives qualified co-op customers a 50% or 100% scholarship on their equity owner share.

One response to “Owner Benefits

  1. Maryb Sue Dunwoody

    I am very interested in joining the Co op. Will someone please contact me so I can talk personally, not on a computer. 630-620-6000

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