Newsletter 7/20/2012

Lombard Food Co-op News of the Week – July 20, 2012

Farmers Market

Last Saturday, we hosted our first table at the Lombard Farmers Market.  Thanks to all those who stopped by to introduce themselves – it was great meeting you!  We’ll be there again tomorrow, so stop by and show your support!

Forming Partnerships

We’ve been working to form partnerships with area groups that have goals similar to the co-op.  We’ve had some great discussions with local community groups, and have several more scheduled.  Having the support of local community groups is important to our success and opens up more opportunities to obtain grant funding.

Website Updates

We’ve added a few new areas to our website.  Check out our “Co-op Gallery” to read about existing food co-ops in Illinois.  We’ve added lots of pictures to help those unfamiliar with co-ops visualize the possibilities.  We’ve also added a “Get Local” page to highlight some local food producers.  The local “Meat” producers section is complete, and we’re working on the remaining sections (Dairy/Eggs, produce, prepared food).  If there is a farm that you know and love, but is not listed, let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

Marketing & Outreach Committee

Ready to get involved? We are forming a Marketing & Outreach group. The purpose of this group will be to: create consistent and engaging materials including print and electronic resources: press releases, letterhead, membership materials, ads and posters. Research and identify target audiences, develop a plan to reach these target audiences (including materials and events), and oversee and direct outreach events and efforts. Reply to this email if you’d like to join our new committee!

Not ready? Don’t like Marketing & Outreach? Don’t worry! There will be lots of additional volunteer opportunities as we progress. Visit the “Get Involved!” page on our website to see all the committees that will eventually form.


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