Newsletter 7/13/2012

Lombard Food Co-op News of the Week – July 13, 2012

Flyer, Flyer, and more Flyer

We’ve kept very busy this week creating a flyer for the co-op. When it’s finalized, we’ll post a version on the website for those who want to see it and/or print and distribute. If you want an early sneak peek, stop by the Lombard Farmers Market tomorrow and pick one up. Speaking of which…

Farmers Market

Tomorrow, we make our debut at the Lombard Farmers Market. We’ll be there handing out flyers and discussing our food co-op. Consider stopping by (9am – 1pm) to show your support, and of course, purchase some tasty farm fresh products from the vendors. Perhaps our wonderful volunteers would even appreciate a treat 😉

Grant Opportunity!

The Food Cooperative Initiative is now accepting applications for grants up to $10,000 for development of new food co-ops.  See for more info. This is a huge opportunity for us. There is an informational session on July 26 at 10 AM CST via conference call. Jerry and I cannot attend because we will be on vacation next week. We need 1 or 2 people to attend on behalf of the Lombard Food Co-op. Please let us know if you can attend. Also, if anyone has grant writing experience and can help us apply for this grant, we’d love to have your help!

In The News

The Lombard Spectator article about the food cooperative is now available on-line here.

Want to get involved?

There are still plenty of opportunities to help at area Farmers Markets.  We recently got approval to host a booth at the Elmhurst Farmers Market on Wednesdays, beginning in August.  If you are able to help with either the Elmhurst or Lombard Farmers Market, please sign-up here.  Helping involves handing out fliers (which we will provide) and answering questions about our cooperative, or sending people to our website for more information.  We are happy to meet with volunteers prior to the Farmers Market, to review common questions and answers.