Get Involved!

Help make the Prairie Food Co-op a reality! Whether you can help in big or small ways, we can use your help!
  • One of the easiest, and most important, ways to help is to tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about us! Invite them to one of our “Meet the Co-op” events, or simply give them our website address and let them do the rest.
  • Distribute our fliers to local businesses that you think would support us by keeping a stack of our fliers at their business.  Fliers are available for download and printing here.  We can also have them printed for you – just contact us at prairiefood(dot)coop.
  • Volunteer with us!  This is a great opportunity to do something special for our community while at the same time, meeting like-minded fun people.  Simply fill out our Volunteer Survey form and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.
  • Host A House Party! Gather your friends & neighbors together to learn more about the Prairie Food Co-op. We’ll help you plan and send a representative to discuss the co-op with your group. Contact Russ DiOrio for more details.

Want to learn more right now?  Here are some informative documents to get you started:

Our Committees

Board of Directors
Key Question: How do we keep our work on track?

  1. Sets direction of the co-op
  2. Follows established decision-making processes
  3. Sets goals for each committee
  4. Manage timelines and coordinate decisions
  5. Commit to bi-monthly meetings

Ownership & Outreach
Key Question: How do we recruit enough owners to ensure the co-op is successful?

  1. Organize community meetings and outreach events
  2. Create press releases and manage social media
  3. Manage ownership recruitment program
  4. Design promotional materials
  5. Educate community groups about the co-op

Research & Planning
Key Question: Is a co-op likely to be successful in our community?

  1. Complete a business plan.  A basic co-op business plan would include:
    • Business Description
    • Management Plan/Organization Chart
    • Operating Plan
    • Marketing Strategy

Capital Development
Key Question: How do we obtain the funds necessary to finance the co-op?

  1. Design ownership loan program
  2. Research bank loan opportunities
  3. Identify grant opportunities and write grant proposals