Local Egg & Dairy Producers

All dairy and egg producers listed below are family-owned farms that use sustainable farming practices.  All raise their animals in cruelty-free, ethical manners and do not give hormones or antibiotics to their animals.  If you purchase from any of these farms, please let them know that the Prairie Food Co-op referred you!

1871 Dairy

Certified organic, non-homogenized, glass-bottled milk delivered to your door. 1871 partners with Castle Rock Organic Farms, a 3-generation family farm in Wisconsin. The farmers apply superior, sustainable farming practices and care for their land and cows in a manner that exceeds organic requirements.

Stone Home Farm

A farm located 1.5 hours west of Lombard in Lee Center, IL that delivers eggs to homes in Lombard, Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn, Villa Park, and Wheaton.  Also sells whole or half hogs in cuts selected by you, as well as Alpaca yarn.

Golden Guernsey

This farm raises Guernsey cattle that produce milk, and the RAW milk can be picked up in Glen Ellyn or Barrington.  This farm also sells eggs, yogurt, and Farmers cheese.


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