About Us

Mission Statement:

To create a cooperatively owned grocery store that serves the needs of owners, our local community, and future employees. Our goal is to provide fairly priced goods and services, promote local and organic production, support and build a vibrant local economy, and foster conscious consumerism.

Where Will We Be Located?

Our organizing group consists mostly of Lombard residents and that is our main focus. However, we will be hiring professional consultants to complete a feasibility study to tell us the best location for the store, which could be Lombard, or a neighboring community. Ultimately, we will locate where we have the most community support and best prospect for success.

What IS a Co-Op Anyway?

Enjoy a great, brief article explaining what a co-op does for a community.
What is a Co-Op?

Here’s What Co-Ops Do

There are currently 29,000 cooperatives across the U.S. These organizations generate two million jobs annually and account for more than $3 trillion in assets, over $500 billion in total revenue, and $25 billion in wages and benefits. The cooperative model can be found across numerous industries—including agriculture, childcare, energy, financial services, food distribution, health care, housing, retail, telecommunications and more.
–Excerpted from a May 11 Food Co-Op Initiative newsletter